As the power density of computer equipment within a server room rack increases, energy efficiency and excellent thermal management becomes very important. Operational costs can be reduced by implementing layout modifications and cooling air flow optimization. Data center CFD simulation is the most cost-effective yet accurate way to analyse different real-case scenarios.

CFD helps you save energy costs and reduce damage risks by gaining knowledge from accurate flow field analysis and what-if scenarios.  CFD analysis of data centers can be used for optimal thermal management, efficient cooling design and discovering “hot spots” (poorly ventilated areas where cooling air is not reaching the servers).

Services and benefits for better data center cooling:

  • Data Center Airflow Optimization
  • Analyze data center floor space power consumption and heat load
  • Calculate cooling distribution airflow requirements from server room HVAC
  • Predict data center temperature distribution
  • Locate high temperatures and hot spots and reduce the risk of equipment failure
  • Suggestions for open floor tile additions and server rack relocation to satisfy cooling requirements
  • Find the optimal position of a new asset
  • Reduce costs by optimizing airflow: identification of inefficient inlets or outlets
  • Reduce costs by optimizing operational conditions of cooling units (performance is usually overestimated)
  • Prevent equipment failure by simulation by what-if scenarios (e.g. power outage, malfunction of one fan etc.)
  • Dimensioning and positioning of the primary and backup cooling units
  • determine how long one has to react when a piece of cooling equipment fails
  • Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC) analysis

Data center CFD analysis outcomes:

  1. Make Better Decisions About Cooling
  2. Optimize HVAC equipment to reduce costs
  3. Run Failure Cases
  4. Proactively Manage IT Growth

Data center HVAC CFD analysis:

  • ventilation fan performance, pressure rise and volume flow rate
  • ductwork efficiency, pressure loss prediction and optimisation
  • floor ducting optimization for excellent airflow distribution
  • inlet and outlet optimisation

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