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CFD Freelancing provides you with support in your CAD geometry preparation, meshing specifically for CFD simulations. My CFD Outsourcing service includes regular product analysis and development on demand.

Outsourcing your CFD  projects will give you the following benefits:

  • freeing up workforce within your organisation
  • keeping strict deadlines
  • running CFD work parallel to your in-house development process
  • including foreign expertise
  • balancing peak times in work load

cfd outsourcing

Our CAD geometry services for CFD Outsourcing include:

  • CAD geometry preparation
  • CAD geometry modification
  • simplification for different codes (Lattice Boltzmann or finite volume)
  • closed shell preparation
  • CAD healing

I have extensive experience with the following software: Beta CAE Systems ANSA, CATIA V5, ICEM CFD, EXA PowerDELTA

Meshing of the CAD geometry is crucial for a successful and accurate CFD simulation. Experienced engineers have the necessary know-how to prepare the CAD geometry in order to mesh it quickly and efficiently. Generating the boundary layer cells, volume mesh, quality checks and mesh repair are the keywords in this topic.

Also, different codes require different levels of CAD simplification and different preprocessing approach as well. As I have several years experience in both Finite Volume and Lattice Boltzmann simulation, I can support customers for a wide range of numerical solvers.

I provide complete meshing services:

  • cleaning the CAD geometry for meshing
  • generation of surface and volume meshes
  • mesh quality check and repair depending on the CFD solver
  • meshing training (ANSA, OpenFOAM)

CAD preparation and meshing experience

  • HVAC systems, ducts and cabin for BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce cars
  • Fans and radial blowers of different sizes with casing, shroud and housing
  • Test environments for aeroacoustic measurements
  • External aerodynamics for Daimler and Porsche
  • Industrial applications
  • Household devices

Outsourcing CFD results post-processing

Postprocessing large amounts of CFD data can be demanding and time consuming for your company and employees. Outsourcing the work either on-site or off-site can be of huge benefit if you have tight deadlines or limited human resources.

I have experience in postprocessing of large size CFD data using the following software: Paraview, PowerFLOW, ANSYS

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This offering is not approved or endorsed by OpenCFD Limited, producer and distributor of the OpenFOAM software and owner of the OPENFOAM® and OpenCFD® trade marks.