internal flow aerodynamics simulation industrial flows

Computational Fluids Dynamics (CFD) is nowadays a very efficient tool in the analysis of various complex systems in any industrial flows.

Due to recent advances in CFD, complex system, such as pipe line component interference, separation systems, or heat exchangers, result in an accurate prediction of the expected flow properties. This can be used to predict the performance of the system analyzed. By the improvement of computer technology, CFD calculations can be executed on a very cost-effective way for companies ranging for small to large sizes.

CFD can be used to replace expensive and time-consuming tests and measurements while the possible variations of the simulated scenarios remain basically infinite.

Specialized CFD simulations for the following systems

  • Multi-phase flows CFD: Separation systems / slug catchers
  • Heat transfer: Heat exchangers, building engineering, electronics cooling
  • Pipe line components: filters, valves, pumps and ventilators
  • Coupled particle simulations modelling sands, stones, rocks in fluid
  • General industrial flows
  • Pumps and compressors

Benefits of CFD in industrial flows

  • Quick and cost-effective method for design iterations
  • Quick and cost-effective method to determine cause of performance issues
  • Analysis possibilities where measurements are not possible
  • In-depth analysis and understanding of flow fields

Key outcomes

  • Optimizing design to improve performance of any components
  • Validating initial design performance (preliminary design)
  • Determining cause of performance issues
  • Feasibility study of new configurations e.g. new server installation in data centers
  • Combination with structural analysis

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