I help businesses solve their fluid dynamics problems by doing CFD simulations


CFD simulation

As being my main expertise, I am doing CFD consulting analysis services…


CAD Geometry Preparation is the first and essential step for a successful cfd simulation


Aerodynamics is the study of the moving air around or inside solid…


cfd industrial flows

Industrial flows

Computational Fluids Dynamics (CFD) is nowadays a very efficient tool in the analysis of…
aerospace cfd


As an aerospace CFD fluid dynamics engineer I provide preliminary, HVAC and…
Building Engineering CFD

Building Engineering

Advanced simulation software, known as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is capable to…
hvac system cfd fahrzeugklimatisierung cfd

Automotive HVAC System

I have extensive experience with automotive HVAC system CFD simulations. References: BMW,…
swimming pool cfd design analysis flow

Swimming pool

A proper swimming pool design can be challenging in many ways. To ensure…