swimming pool cfd temperature velocity streamlines design comfort

A proper swimming pool design can be challenging in many ways. To ensure full human comfort, proper disinfectant distribution, removal of pollutants and homogeneous temperature distribution, a swimming pool CFD analysis is the most cost-effective and accurate way.

By analyzing the flow field in a pool you can decrease costs of building and operating a swimming pool facility and equipment. Besides analyzing the pool, CFD Freelancing offers calculations on the pumps, inlet vents, drains and duct-work designs.

swimming pool cfd temperature velocity streamlines design comfort

Streamlines in a pool and a cutplane showing temperature distribution

Solutions for the pool:

  • Hydraulic design of swimming pools or any kind of pools
  • Functionalities of recirculation in swimming pools
    • Supply of disinfectant to the pool basin
    • Mixing of disinfectant over the pool basin
    • Removal of pollutants from pool basin
  • Thermal comfort of occupants: proper water flow and temperature distribution
  • Air bubble movement, distribution, size and velocity

Solutions for environment (indoor swimming pool CFD):

  • human comfort calculations
  • temperature distributions
  • evaporation analysis

Solutions for the pool supply system:

  • CFD modelling to design recirculation system properly
  • Optimization of inlets and outlets
  • Fluid flow analysis of the ductwork, pumps and fittings.


  • counter current swimming pool
  • sport swimming pool
  • toddler swimming pool
  • indoor pools
  • spa and thermal baths
swimming pool cfd temperature velocity streamlines design comfort

Temperature distribution a swimmingpool with a whirlpool section

Sloshing of swimming pools on ships and yachts:

  • can be a challenge for yacht and ship designers and builders
  • using CFD the movement, forces, human comfort and safety can be analysed

You can read about what CFD is and how I can help your with fluid dynamics related problems in swimming pool design here.

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