I am doing water simulation consulting services for companies and individuals having a water flow related problem. My expertise ranges from automotive applications to aerospace, turbomachinery and industrial problems to name a few.

In case of a water simulation consulting I will thrive to effectively but quickly solve your fluid dynamics related problem after thorough definition of your goals. As a freelancer, I can offer much more flexible pricing models for my services, making it more cost-effective for you than bigger consulting companies do. My 9 years of international industrial and academy experience benefits our cooperation.

My water simulation services

  • CFD consulting: solving fluid dynamics related problems such as hydrodynamics simulation, preliminary design, pressure loss estimation, turbulence reduction
  • Improving product performance: mass flow improvement, cooling efficiency, ventilation, noise reduction, heating, human comfort
  • Product development: advising for proper fluid dynamics and thermal design

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Product development by using water simulation

Product development with Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations (CFD) is the most efficient way if your product or problem involves water flow. There is always room for improvement! CFD-Freelancing has enough engineering skills and industrial expertise to help you further in any topics:

  • product improvement through numerical simulation
  • thermal issues, overheating, cooling, heat transfer issues
  • fluid related problems (mixing, separation etc.)
  • bubble simulations
  • free surface flow simulations
  • CAD geometry modification based on digital simulation results
  • topology optimization

Every product design problem needs careful approach and thorough planning before executing the simulations. Therefore an in-depth communication of the goals, definition and identification of the exact problem as well as setting improvement directions are key to a successful design loop. CFD Simulations can help you shorten the way to a better performing, more competitive products.

Several phenomena can not be measured in water tunnels or in the lab. It would be either too time consuming, expensive (prototypes, labor costs, equipment), or limited to a certain set of experiments. In case of numerical simulations there is no design scenario limit. Costs are very controllable, there is no need for laboratory or expensive equipment. But the main strength of a digital simulation is that it allows the engineer to have an in-depth look into the fluid field. Therefore, identification of  problems can be done on the computer screen, faster and more efficient than anything else.

What is a water simulation?water simulation

CFD stands for Computational Fluid Dynamics. It is a branch of fluid mechanics that uses numerical (digital) analysis to analyze problems that involve fluids. High speed computers and validated software are used to calculate the main parameters of any fluid field, including pressure loss, fluid speed, temperature, or turbulence

The water simulation needs to be built up and launched by and expert in fluid dynamics. At CFD Freelancing I have this expertise, starting from model CAD geometry preparation, discretization, fluid simulation and post-processing. The results of the numerical fluid analysis needs to be analyzed in-depth, and communicated to the customer with clarity – all we are delivering to our customers.

If you think that a computational fluid dynamics simulation can help you with your product development, Contact me for more information! I am more than happy to talk to you!