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I help companies solve their fluid dynamics, thermodynamics or acoustics related problems by using high quality cfd simulation technology

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CFD Consulting

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You can benefit from outsourcing CFD Simulations to an external partner in many ways.


CFD in Aerodynamics is the broadest application of numerical simulations. Internal and external aerodynamics of vehicles, buildings and machinery can be simulated.


Temperature, cooling and heating, heat transfer (conduction, convection) is part of a thermodynamics analysis.


fuel tank sloshing cfd simulation

Tank sloshing

Sloshing in a container or tank results in undesired malfunctions and load on the walls of the container. Sloshing simulation with CFD can predict these effects!
Valve simulation valve design

Valve simulation

In a valve simulation consulting project all the main characteristics can be determined: pressure loss, critical flow parameters, optimization potential.
Silencer simulation cfd silencer cfd simulation muffler simulation muffler cfd simulation aeroacoustics aerodynamics pressure loss

Mufflers and Silencers

Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics are the information that can be received from a silencer CFD simulation.
Bullet CFD aerodynamics simulation

Bullets and Projectiles

Projectile (bullets, pellets, ammo) CFD simulations in subsonic and supersonic flow regimes
drone aerodynamics

Drone Aerodynamics and Noise

Drones are in focus these days. Many components, including the propellers, ducts and thermal processes can be improved via CFD.
internal flow aerodynamics simulation industrial flows

Industrial flows

Does not matter if it's a pipe, machine, valve or nozzle, CFD can help in any type of industrial flow problems to improve aerodynamics, acoustics or thermodynamics.
turbomachine fan ventilator turbomachinery cfd

Turbomachinery CFD simulations

Turbomachinery CFD Consultancy offers blower, fan, compressor, turbines and pump simulations in a form of on-demand projects or outsourcing collaboration.
aerospace cfd


CFD was first used in the aerospace industry. Today, it is still used to predict external aerodynamics, or internal cabin comfort (HVAC) for passengers.
Building Engineering CFD

Building Engineering

Our building engineering CFD simulation services: HVAC optimization, human comfort prediction, external aerodynamics of buildings and wind comfort.
hvac system cfd fahrzeugklimatisierung cfd

Automotive HVAC System

A flow simulation of the cabin for automotive applications can predict human comfort, defrost and defog efficiency and acoustics.
swimming pool cfd temperature velocity streamlines design comfort

Swimming Pool CFD

Computational Fluid Dynamics can be used in such small niches like swimming pool analysis and human comfort in- and outside the pool.